PADAVEDU - Arulmigu Renugambal Amman Temple

PADAVEDU - Arulmigu Renugambal Amman Temple

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arulmigu Renugambal Amman Temple, A.K. Padavedu

                                   Padaiveedu, a most important 'Sakthi Sthala'

Padaiveedu is one of the most important 'Sakthi Sthalas' in Thondainadu (a part of Tamil Nadu). Goddess Renugambal is self-manifested in this place, indicating "Sakthi is everything in this world" and offering her blessings along with Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Siva. In this place a number of sages performed penance and attained salvation. The existence of Banalingam and Nanakarshna Chakra consecrated by Adi Sankarar is the specialty of this   

This is the place where Saint Jamathakni did penance and attained Mukthi(salvation). Here as blessed by Lord Siva, Mother Renugambal kept her Sirasu(head) for performing pooja by devotees and to offer them her blessings. She took her body to Swarka Loga (Heaven) along with Saint Jamathakni.  
Historic Importance of Padaiveedu

Nestled among the hills between Arni and Vellore is a village called Padaiveedu. This beautiful pastoral village was once the capital of Sambuvarayar Dynasty and was also a grand commercial centre. Encircled by mountains and hills, this place consists of 17 villages.       


During 13th and 14th Centuries the Sambuvarayar chieftains ruled this area under the patronage of the Pandyas. For a short time they became independent of Pandyas and subsequently they came under the rule of Kempagowda. During their reign, Sambuvarayas rendered great service to art and religion. The archeological findings in this area bear ample testimony to this fact. It is fascinating to find that Padaiveedu is the abode of so many deities. The temples are dedicated to Goddess Renuka Devi, Draupadi, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ramar and Lord Venugopala.
These temples were built at various points of time, but most of the improvements and decorations appear to have been done when the Sambuvarayar came under the sway of the Vijayanagar empire.
The town Padaiveedu was in full pomp and glory during the regime of the following Sambuvarayar Chieftains:

  • Raja Kambeera Sambuvarayar 1236 - 1268 AD 
  • Mankonda Sambuvarayar 1322 - 1337 AD 
  • Rajanarayana Sambuvarayar 1337 - 1373 AD 
  • Rajanarayana Sambuvarayar III 1356 - 1375 AD


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